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Phase 1

Phase 1

Excellent Management

Step 1 - Leadership


Vision & Mission
Situational Leadership
Christian Leadership


Step 2 - Culture


Lifelong Learning


Diverse Culture

Written Communications
Gung Ho Culture
Conflict Management

Conflict Resolution

Building Relationships

Step 3 - Customer Focus


Step 4 - Team Building

Step 5 - Problems Solving


Business Analyst

Business Intelligence

Configuration Management

Flow Charts
Force Field
Genba Kanri

Project Management

Portfolio Management


Root Cause
Selection Tools

Statistical Tools



Step 6 - Continuous Improvement

Step 7 - Performance Measures



Project Goals by Process

Project Management

Empowerment Layers

Problems Solving

 1 to 1 Selection Tool

Flow Charts

Phase 2



Phase 2

Storms of Chaos


Step 1 - Waves

Forecasting Trends


Step 2 - Lightning

Managing Risks

Step 3 - Buoyancy

Building Relationships

Step 4 - The Storm

Winning Competition


Step 5 - The Ship

Leading Your Ship


Phase 3



Phase 3

Drivers of Change


Step 1 - External Environment

Step 2 - Building People

Human Resources

Step 3 - Organizational Structure

Step 4 - Internal Environment

Step 5 - Systems Thinking


Employee Retention

Future Organization

Phase 4



Phase 4

Systems Loops


Open System


Phase 5



Phase 3

3 Phases of Change


Step 1 - Before the Change

Step 2 - During the Change

Step 3 - After the Change






“Entertaining Training”  Every Session is a Show.

We work within all levels of your organization providing all types of training, facilitation, speaking, and professional services. (Partial Listing of the Past Clients and Employers and Bios and Resumes of Principals)

Training - We have a unique entertaining approach to training that we call Enter-Train-Ment. We custom design each workshop to apply to your situation. No canned workshops. We have also designed a series of exciting novels to explore supervision and management realities. Combine this with custom designed workbooks and reference books and we can provide your staff with an enjoyable learning experience.

Why do we put so much effort in helping your organization? 

It's because of a near death experience.  Once, our founder Craig Stevens went horseback riding.  

In his words, "Everything was going fine until the horse started bouncing out of control.  I tried with all my might to hang on but was throne off......Just when things could not possibly get any worse my foot gets caught in the stirrup.  When this happened I fell head first to the ground.  My head continued to bounce harder as the horse did not stop or even slow down.  Just as I was giving up hope and losing consciousness the Wal-Mart manager came and unplugged it"  

From that day on, he wanted to teach others how to be good managers.....Well, there's that....and then there's the money.

Examples of the Types of Support We Offer Are Outlined Below.  

Training, Workshops, and Seminars

Follow the link and find a sample of the types of training classes we have helped to provide. 

On-Going Seminars and    “Entertaining Training”

 “...Not only was your material extremely helpful to me and the Greater San Diego Chamber of Commerce (I copied your handouts for all of our staff), but your presentation style and musical accompaniment was entertaining, provocative and informative and made it the best presentation at our conference.  You have a very talented team that does an excellent job in communicating the opportunities and challenges of current and future management trends.” 

1994, Max Schetter, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Greater San Diego Chamber of Commerce.



Facilitation is more of a hands on problem solving workshop.  Follow the link and find a sample of the types of team building and facilitation we provide. 



Clinton Tennessee

Dear Craig,

I want to take this opportunity to thank-you for the outstanding training you conducted on behalf of the Department of Children’s Services of Anderson County, Tennessee. The staff continues to speak of the many ideas they received from your presentation.

Now here is the part that a supervisor really appreciates, staff on their own have taken the lead in implementing your innovative ideas in addressing the issues they found important. The very issues staff found important are in tandem with management’s.

Your training offered different ways of looking and thinking about issues. The manner of your facilitation fostered greater employee participation in accomplishing both short and long-term goals.

Craig, I appreciate your willingness to travel to our region and deliver an outstanding presentation. You have contributed greatly to our unit in East Tennessee and I look forward to working with you in the near future.

SIGNED Jerry A. George, Jr.


Recent Workshops

Follow this link to find examples of past workshops and/or to print copies of material covered in class.

Recent Class(y) Photos

Follow this link to find photos of past classes.

The University of Phoenix 

For the University of Phoenix Students


STRATEGIC IMPLEMENTATION AND ALIGNMENT MBA/590:  I enjoyed your class tremendously! . . . I remembered so many of the things you talked about it was uncanny. I think that made it more interesting for me. You know your subject and stayed on the subject very well. You also managed to maintain control of the group, which is an indication of your experience as a teacher. . . . The team and I agree that we learned more from your class than any other so far in the MBA program.

Jaki Evans (Bridgestone/Firestone, Inc.), UoPhx 2006



STATISTICS AND RESEARCH METHODS FOR MANAGERIAL DECISIONS QNT/554: “Craig, Once again, I would like to reiterate how much I enjoyed your class.  You made statistics fun and I never thought that would come out of my mouth! 


The teaching website is a TREMENDOUS resource! I used it regularly for my calculations in Excel and to further define some of the concepts learned in class. You have done a remarkable job of placing such a vast resource right at your students’ fingertips!"


Tonya Morgan, UoPhx QNT554 2006, Human Resource Manager, Vanderbilt University Medical Center


STATISTICS AND RESEARCH METHODS FOR MANAGERIAL DECISIONS QNT/554:  Thanks so much for making our class enjoyable and easy to learn. Even though we had a lot of homework, I learned as I went along. Thanks also for sharing your personal experiences and background with us, you are truly a dynamic individual, a good teacher, and I wish you much success...

Alicia Harper, 2005



MANAGERIAL DECISION MAKING MBA/510: "Thanks again for an interesting stats class. It was not boring… You made It very interesting and useful for everyday life.”

Alicia Kelley, 2006, UoPhx.


The Belmont Workshops

For the University of Belmont Workshops

The Trevecca Classes

For the Trevecca Students


Words of Encouragement


I would like to take this time to thank you for your encouragement and help as our Professor and friend during this module.  I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the class.  The knowledge I acquired during our time together will help shape me into the Professional Businesswomen I desire to become.  Your approach and insight on business management was very creative.  I believe the things I learned in class can be used not only in business, but also in life.


Farrah Fauste (TNU 2007 Hopkinsville, KY)



Thank you Craig for making this final class interesting, fun and a great learning experience. I have also seen a side of you that goes well beyond being just an instructor. You care about each of us as individuals. To me, this counts more than all the knowledge you possess.


Rick Rosson, Recruiter at T Mobile, (TNU 2006 Nashville)



On behalf of MHR 143, I want to personally thank you for your part in helping us achieve our goal of obtaining our degree in MHR. Your patience and dedication made the journey more interesting, insightful, and attainable.  You will not be soon forgotten.


David Lacy (TNU Spring 2006 Crossville)



"The last night of class was so rememberable that I can not find the words to describe it.  Thank you for being such a wonderful person, teacher, and understanding instructor.  I would have never imagined that the last night of class could be such as it was.  I will never forget you and you allowing our class to learn the information that will forever be with us."


Helen Martin, First National Bank (TNU Fall 2006, Tullahoma)



I really enjoyed your class, and not just for the laughter! The required reading was great, the charts you created helped me to picture what I read, and I felt stretched by your teaching how to write for a publication. Thanks!

Sue Coffer (TNU, Summer 2005) 



It has truly been a pleasure being in your class.  Thank you for the marvelous tools you have provided for use on your website.  I hope you don't mind that I shared them with our HR department.  Thanks, and I look forward to our class dinner tomorrow evening.


 Dianne Nuñez (TNU 2005 Nashville)



I want to thank you for an informative and memorable experience. The Principals of Management course through Trevecca Nazarene University was a learning experience on many levels. It was both a fun and informative time. I can't think of a better culmination to our MHR program...

Melissa D. Farmer

Trevecca Nazarene University (2005) 

Bachelor of Arts in Management and Human Relations Class



     Twenty years ago, I set a goal to obtain a bachelor's degree but ended up getting married a few weeks after I graduated as a RN from a diploma school of nursing. I started working full time and before you knew it, I was starting my family. Time was as precious as gold and school was not an option. 


    In November 2003, I received a pamphlet in the mail from Trevecca. I looked over the information and something told me to check in to it. Well that is exactly what I did and the next thing you know I was accepted and on my way to getting a degree.


    Being out of school twenty years is a long time! Therefore, I was extremely anxious about sitting in the classroom again. However, the Trevecca family made me feel welcomed and important. The instructors were helpful and Craig Stevens was wonderful. I could not have made it through the Systems Management class without his guidance and wittiness. They say, " Laughter is good for the soul." His jokes kept the class laughing and made learning fun. The materials covered in his class were complex at times but he kept our interest through stories and class participation. He challenged us in many ways and made us better individuals and professionals. I could not have done without his guidance as an instructor. 

Anita Lively 

Trevecca Nazarene University (2004) 

Bachelor of Arts in Management and Human Relations Class


The Christ-centered Faith-based Technical Assistance Center offers a wide range of services to three major groups. 

  1. Christian Business People - FBTAC's role is to help Christians learn and apply business concepts with a Christ-centered approach.  Not only is FBTAC a business networking opportunity, it is also a Christ-centered business learning opportunity.

  2. Established Non-profit, Christ-centered organizations -   FBTAC's role is to help established faith-based organizations to develop better management skills and operate more efficiently. 



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