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Phase 1

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Phase 3

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Phase 4

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Craig A Stevens, PMP, CC


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Craig A. Stevens, PMP,CC President of Westbrook Stevens, LLC a woman owned small business, and COO of Innovative Resources and Systems (IRaS) a service disabled veteran owned small business -- (SDVOSB). 



Craig A. Stevens, PMP, CC


Executive Level Management Consulting, Industrial/Systems Engineering, Program/Project Management (PM), Business Analysis (BA), Business Intelligence (BI)


Background Summary


    Core Competences





Background Details


    Education Related


        Speaking and Teaching Experience (On Another Page)





Background Summary


  • Team player, extremely loyal, service oriented, and professional demeanor (in control of ego, activities, and ethics at all times).  Builder of excellent fun working cultures.  Always learning and open to new information, ideas, and coaching.  Also, can learn and use any software available.

  • Lifetime of customer service, trained business analyst, professional project manager, and highly focused on achieving bottom line goals and empowering people to achieve results and take ownership. 

  • Leader and strategic planner with a successful background orchestrating start-ups of commercial and governmental programs and projects for major organizations, small businesses, disadvantaged businesses, and non-profits.

  • Excellent at improving performance through skillful organizational and technological change management and implementation.

  • Effective at achieving results in continuous business processes/systems improvement, as well as in quality, productivity, and organizational cultural progression.

  • Expert in the identification, analysis, team facilitation, and resolution of diverse cultural and operational issues.

  • Professional speaker, communicator, and trainer/ facilitator, with years of experience helping others to improve performance, quality, knowledge, and personal self-worth.

  • Skilled in selection, recruitment, training, and development of top performing talents.

  • Developer and author of the Geronimo Stone Series on of books on 21st Century issues of Excellent Management, Managing Chaos, The Drivers of Change, Systems Thinking, and The Three Phases of Change - for eBook to review.   

  • Highly creative artist and innovative Industrial and Systems Engineer/Scientist.


Operations Management: Program and Project Management, Business Analysis, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Lean Concepts, Leadership Development, Culture Improvement, Customer Focus/Relationship Management, Team Building, Skills (Core Competencies) and Problem Solving Incubation, Continuous Process and Systems Improvement and Organizational/Technological Change Management, Development and Design of Performance Measurements, Motivation, Process and Systems Development, Education, Training, and Facilitation for HR Development.

Research & Development: Skilled in Innovation and R&D, Product/Service Design and Development, Strategic/Tactical Planning, Competitor Analysis, Marketing Strategies, Policy/Procedure Development, Problem Resolution, Project/Program Management, Risk Management, Configuration Management, Quality, Productivity, Motivation, Statistics, and Value Engineering. 

Organizational: Start-ups, Organizational Change Management, Organizational Structure, Compensation and Benefits, P&L Management, Financial Reporting, Intra /Entrepreneurship, Budget Planning/Preparation, Life Cycle Analysis for Expense Reductions and Cost Control. 

Public/Business Relations: Seminars, Key-notes, Conference Booths, Public Relations, Business Development, Contract Negotiations, Board Participation, and Inter-agency/corporate Team Building, Team Facilitation.




President, Co-founder, COO - WESTBROOK STEVENS, LLC ( (2001 – Present), Other names used – Innovative Resources And Systems (May 1988 To 2000), Tennessee Innovations (April 1981 – April 1986), Nashville, Oak Ridge, Knoxville, Crossville, Tennessee.


Chief Engineer and Quality Manager - PRAGMATICS, INC. (8a), Oak Ridge, Tennessee; December 1995 to April 1997. 


Program/Project Manager, Management Systems and Industrial Engineer - SCIENCE APPLICATIONS INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION (SAIC), Laboratory Road, Oak Ridge, Tennessee: January 1986 to January 1998. 


Mechanical/General Engineer - U.S. DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY, Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI), Oak Ridge, Tennessee.  January 1984 to January 1986.



   PARTIAL LISTING OF CLIENTS (over 100 past clients)


1.       AI Signal Research, Inc.

2.       American Accessories, Inc.

3.       American Management Association (AMA)

4.       Agknowledge Magazine

5.       Belmont University

6.       Business Process Improvement Professionals Ltd.

7.       Carrier Corporation –Allied Products

8.       Clubcar Golfcarts, Inc.

9.       “CNA” Insurance

10.    Dennisen and Carter, Inc.

11.    Department of Children’s Services

12.    Dowell

13.    DuPont

14.    George Mason University

15.    Givere Chocolate Company

16.    Heil, Inc.

17.    Holiday Inn (several locations)

18.    LAW Engineering, Inc.

19.    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

20.    Life Of Victory Christian Ministries

21.    Lockheed Martin, Inc. (multiple sites and organizations)

22.    Los Alamos National Laboratory, Plutonium Facility

23.    MARCA (Japanese Parent Company of Panasonic)

24.    Martin Marietta, Inc. (multiple sites and organizations)

25.    MobileComm Telecommunications

26.    NASA, National Aeronautics and Space Administration

27.    Nashville International Studios

28.    Nashville State Tech

29.    National Women’s Health Information Center, Washington D.C.

30.    Nissan

31.    MTM Association

32.    Oak Ridge Methodist Medical Center

33.    Oak Ridge National Laboratory (many organizations)

34.    Paducah (Kentucky) Gaseous Diffusion Plant

35.    Pacific Western Technologies, Ltd.

36.    Pellissippi State Technical Community College, Knoxville, Tennessee

37.    PIC/SYGEN

38.    Rockwell International, Inc., Denver, Colorado

39.    Savannah River Laboratory, South Carolina

40.    Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)

41.    Sears Services Group, Chicago, Illinois

42.    St. Mary’s Medical Center, Knoxville, Tennessee

43.    Tennessee Metal Works

44.    Tennessee Quality Award

45.    Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)

46.    Trevecca University

47.    Ultimate Earth Inc

48.    University of Central Oklahoma

49.    University of Phoenix (Nashville)

50.    University of Tennessee, Knoxville

51.    United Methodist Church Discipleship  (National Organization)

52.    U.S. Air Force Civil Engineering, Air Mobility Command

53.    U.S. Army COE

54.    U.S. Department of Army (Civilian Personnel Operations Center, South Central Region)

55.    U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) - Headquarters, Washington D.C.

56.    U.S. DOE – Chicago Operations Office

57.    U.S. DOE – Fernald Ohio Operations

58.    U.S. DOE – Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI)

59.    U.S. DOE – Oak Ridge Operations (all sites, Tennessee, Ohio, and Kentucky)

60.    U.S. DOE – Rocky Flats Colorado

61.    U.S. Navy

62.    Vanderbilt University

63.    Vanderbilt University Medical Center

64.    Westinghouse, Inc.,

65.    And others.




* Presented and/or Published Papers on Subject


Project/ Program Management:  Developed PMOs and managed or supported hundreds of one-of-a-kind projects.  Continuously performed within the cost, schedule, and requirements constraints.  Therefore, helped to enable the governmental organizations, companies, clients, and project/executive teams to look competent and professional in the eyes of sponsors and stakeholders.* 


Business Re-engineering:  Improved organizational and business processes through re-engineering and evolutionary change*.  Took large wasteful organizational structures and designed more nimble competitive organizations based on goals and results*.  Based on historical theorist and current 21st century trends, was able to change the way organizations do business, pay employees, build infrastructures to perform work, and improved organizational cultures*. 


Developed and Implemented World-class Business and Management Models:  Designed entire systems for large commercial, non-profit, and governmental organizations (Excellent Management, Storms of Chaos, Drivers of Change, Systems Thinking, Three Phases of Change, Configuration Value Management - )*. 


Business Development:  Helped to win funding from investors, governmental proposals, grants, and contracts of all kinds and sizes.  Helped organizations develop business with governmental set-a-sides (i.e., 8a, Service Disabled Veterans, and Women Owned companies).  Helped to increase class “A” customers and minimize class “C” support.  Performed strategic planning, capacity building, organizational and systems development support to over 20 start-ups (both “for” and “non” profits).  Helped entrepreneurs get started or find employment.  


Performance Measures and Team Building:  Develop a seven-step performance measures process for governmental and commercial organizations (Know rules, Know Goals, Find Criteria, Develop Indicators, Collect Data, Analyze Date, Use Findings)*, facilitated solutions to major organizational conflicts, and helped many teams to work together.


Engineering and Operations:  Developed programs for Conduct of Operations to improve and solve major operational problems.  Engineered governmental and large commercial companies implementation of Six Sigma, Quality Awards, ISO 9000 and 14000, and other Total Quality Management Type Programs*.  Engineered other systems - Configuration Management (CM)*, Information/Records Management, systems testing and evaluation, systems reliability engineering, customer feedback and requirements systems, and performance and risk management.  Performed project engineering; design and Value Engineering (VE)*; human factors; cradle to grave pollution prevention/waste minimization* and waste volume estimating; site planning/plant layouts; automated plant design; lean manufacturing; life cycle costing/cost analysis; activity based costing; safety analysis; production-process flow analysis; shipping and receiving analysis; probabilistic risk assessment; and statistical data collection; work measurement and time/motion studies.  Provided support on environmental impact research, hazardous waste transportation, energy-related subjects, international business and product design and Supply Chain Management.  Managed and participated in the planning, programming, budgeting, enactment, execution, and auditing of major systems.


Hardware and Software: PM,* BI, and BA, Provided front-end liaisons, analysis, testing, training, transitions, requirements, configuration management, and developed many databases, simulation, expert systems to support decision-making, internet communications systems, and other systems interfaces as a senior business analysis, systems engineer, customer liaison, and project manager.* 


Not a programmer or developer but have used and/or own the following Hardware/software:

  • PCs and MACs
  • Minicomputers
  • Mainframes
  • Servers
  • LANs
  • SAS 9.1 (Decision Tree and Enterprise Miner add-ons)
  • Mathematica
  • Simulation Software (SimFactory, Others)
  • Freehand
  • Fireworks
  • Flash
  • Dreamweaver
  • Photoshop
  • AutoCAD
  • FoxPro
  • PVCS Software Configuration Management Package on a Novell network
  • OSTI Database
  • Audio/Visual POD Cast Software (Cubase, WebPod Studio, Studio 9, Pinnacle, CamStudio, Others)
  • QuickBooks
  • Quicken
  • Oracle Database

Have/familiar with the following packages, as a MS Partner:

  1. Entire MS 2007 and 2003 Office Suites (Windows Vista and back, Access, Accounting, Excel, InfoPath, OneNote, Outlook, Outlook Express, PowerPoint, Project, Publisher, Visio, Word)
  2. FrontPage
  3. MS Expressions
  4. MS Photo Draw
  5. WordPerfect
  6. MS Accounting Professional 2008
  7. MS Exchange Server 2007
  8. MS CRM (packages)
  9. MS Virtual Server
  10. MS System Center Data Protection Manager
  11. Window Live OneCare
  12. MS Windows Server 2008
  13. MS SQL Server
  14. MS Mobile Information Server
  15. MS Office Project Server
  16. MS Office SharePoint
  17. MS Live Communication Server
  18. MS ISA Server
  19. MS Exchange Server
  20. Others



Background Details




Westbrook Stevens, LLC, Nashville, Tennessee, Founder and Chief Operations Officer, 2000 to Present. , Founded to serve NASA and as the primary support company for several start-up organizations Veteran Restoration Ministries, Life of Victory International Ministries, Faith-Based Technical Assistance Center, Ultimate Earth, Nashville International Studios, Agknowledge Magazine, SET Oak Ridge Tennessee, (and others) and also founded to publish a systems approach to business issues and to train organizations in the use of the Linked Management Models. The goal is to build a world class consulting, staffing, and services firm.  More information can be found at

THE UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL OKLAHOMA – As Project Manager - our team lead the Human Resources’ business process improvement efforts to standardize job classifications, descriptions, and pay scale. Reviewed all existing 700+ job classifications and descriptions (some of which were never before documented). Determined the general nature of the positions and recommended position level job descriptions for administration, faculty, and staff. Reviewed and suggested improvements and appropriate methods and styles of job descriptions. Provided generic examples. Produced a template for the positions identified by COKU as Adjunct Faculty, Lecturer, Instructor, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, and Professor. The descriptions reflected the job content, responsibilities, accountability, and requirements. Consolidated hundreds of individual departmental descriptions to a few university specific descriptions.


Benchmarked existing job descriptions using other institutes of higher learning. Created a system for future evaluations for promotions, corrective actions, and/or salary adjustments to be documented and substantiated in a systematic and repeatable way. Assigned salary ranges for each of the job classifications.


BELMONT UNIVERSITY’S PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT, Nashville Tennessee. Developed the Strategic Management training for key senior people at PIC/SYGEN trained them in the five Linked Management Models.  Developed Systems Thinking workshops for the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers and others.


ULTIMATE EARTH, Inc.,  Nashville Tennessee, Start-up, 2000 to Present, Vice President and Chief Operations Officer, Founded to support the international effort to use the water hyacinth plant (a very destructive and disruptive nuisance that grows in subtropical areas) as the raw material for food, clothing, and building material. Designing and developing all systems.  One of the goals is to build industrial facilities in different countries and to teach the native peoples to run and manage each of the facilities. 

o   Developed the first high-level strategic conceptual plans for the development of a concurrent systems engineering approach to the design, planning and development of industrial efforts to make use of the Water Hyacinth plant.  The first efforts include fourteen countries, four of which will have full industrial facilities, while the others will be based on cottage industries (Program estimates valued at $550,000.000).


o   Developing a program to support to Ultimate Earth in the development and management of Water Hyacinth products and industrial facilities.  The goal is to provide the technical support to Ultimate Earth in the mission of helping poor peoples support themselves.

      NASHVILLE INTERNATIONAL STUDIOS, Nashville Tennessee, Start-up, 2000 to Present. Organizational Development Executive, Systems Engineer and Assistant to the Chairman. Westbrook Stevens, LLC role is to provide management systems consulting and temporary support as needed.  Developing overall design of systems and organizational development.  (Program estimates valued at over $2,000,000.000).


    AGKNOWLEDGE MAGAZINE, Nashville Tennessee, Start-up, Executive Magazine to Agra-business manufacturing leaders. 2000 to Present, Member of Board of Advisors; Columnist of Technical and Business Column “Westbrook Stevens, The Principals of Results;” and National Conference Staff Moderator, Speaker, and Group Facilitator.


    AMERICAN MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION INTERNATIONAL (AMAI) and PADGETT THOMPSON Kansas City and New York City Offices, September 1998 to Present. Faculty/Speaker, Provides training/consulting support to companies and organizations.

1.      Business Systems Development

2.      Basic Project Management (PM),

3.      Advanced PM,

4.      Information Systems PM,

5.      Software Development PM,

6.      PMP,

7.      Team Building,

8.      Communications and Interpersonal Skills for Technical Professionals,

9.      Adult Training and Train the Trainer,

10.   Customer Service and

11.   Reading Blueprints.

    Nasa, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Customer And Employee Relations Directorate At Marshal Space Flight Center, Huntsville, Alabama, January 2001 to present, Organizational Development Facilitator and Speaker, provides Problem Solving Facilitation, Organizational Development, Process Improvement, Training, Orientation and Motivational Speeches.

o   NASA facilitator for the science and technology center in Huntsville, the team included The U.S. Air Force, U.S. DOE, University of Alabama and others.


o   As Developer and Speaker, developed and trained the trainers for the “Customer Relationships Management (CRM)” curriculum for NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center’s Center Operations Program. Developed the workbooks and presentation material and supplies.  Provides the materials as needed to NASA.  Before 9/11, The plan was to train the 3000 members of this group, and then possibly import the training to the other MSFC employees (around 17,000 people total). The plan was to present the same material to all of NASA on a national level (Program Cancelled).


o   As Developer Speaker and Facilitator, developed and provided training and facilitation of “A Systems Approach to Team Problem Solving” for the Payload Operations Groups of NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama and The Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.


o   As Developer and Speaker, developed and provided training on Customer Relationships to NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center’s Procurement Group.

    Through AI Signal Research, Inc., Nasa, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Customer And Employee Relations Directorate At Marshal Space Flight Center, Huntsville, Alabama, January 2000 to January 2001.

o   Supported NASA in continuously improving organizational effectiveness and efficiencies.  Worked with many different organizations used systems thinking in support of problem solving facilitation and business process improvement type efforts and offsite team building efforts.  Also, supported new employee’s orientations efforts. Provided Problem Solving Facilitation, Organizational Development, Process Improvement, Training, Orientation and Motivational Speeches.

    LIFE OF VICTORY CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES Nashville, Tennessee, March 2002 to present, Member of the Board of Directors, Non-profit Business consultant, Project Manager and Facilitator/Trainer.

o   Supported NASA in continuously improving organizational effectiveness As Developer Speaker and Facilitator, developed and provided training and facilitation of “A Systems Approach to Team Problem Solving” for a cross functional group (Schools, Department of Children Services, Courts, Volunteers and Contractors) in support of business process reengineering and overall systems development of children services in Anderson County Tennessee. 

Innovative Resources and Systems (IRaS), Oak Ridge, Tennessee, May 1988 (presentations and publications only) to May 1997.  From May 1997 2000 (all other services).  Being reorganized as a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business

  •  Founder and President.  Started, designed and developed all systems, and organized a small service sole proprietorship company, for the development and marketing of ideas, products, and services.  Services/projects include providing business, manufacturing, industrial and systems engineering type support, ISO 9000 and 14000 training, facilitation, and implementation; publishing newsletters, papers, and books; and presenting presentations and workshops on management issues. 

  • Provided industrial and systems engineering and marketing support through LAW Engineering; Pragmatics, Inc.; Pacific Western Technologies (PWT), Ltd.; Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC); and Business Process Improvement Professionals (BPIP) as needed. 

  • Provided systems/industrial engineering support to the Y-12 Material Surveillance and Technical Support (MSTS) division of Lockheed Martin Energy Systems (LMES).  Supported the program’s preparation of basis of estimate (BOE) for its proposed FY 1998 budget related to Central Scrap Management Office (CSMO) Program Office, Chemical Operations, Business Center for Precious Metals, and Building 9206 Transition.

  • Provided ISO 9000 and 14000 training, facilitation, and implementation for MARCA (a Japanese manufacturer of refrigerator compressors), Vonor, Tennessee and other companies.

  • Provided three training classes generally to both commercial companies and governmental organizations related to Customer Service.  Class 1, Serving the Public, is aimed at those front line employees who interface with people outside the organization.  Class 2, Team Building, Serving Internal Customers is designed for employees who interface with internal customers and/or who work in teams.  Class 3, Manager’s Guide to Customers Service and Team Building is designed to train the manager in how to integrate customer service into the company’s strategies on competitiveness. 

  • Provided support as instructor to Pellissippi State Technical Community College.  Class was titled Managing Change: Investigating the Cultural, Organizational, and Technological Changes in Business and Industry.  Also supported college of communications as substitute instructor for classes related to business presentations.


Pragmatics, Inc., Oak Ridge, Tennessee, December 1995 to April 1997.  Chief Engineer and Quality Manager.  Responsible for general management, expanding markets and customer base, developing business systems and developing approaches in marketing.  Developed systematic and repeatable methods, plans, policies, and procedures for strategic management, quality (continuous quality improvement, performance measurement, supporting communication network), and marketing (data base marketing systems, systems for employee participation, customer lead and satisfaction surveys).  


  • Developed world class models for the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) commercialization and re-engineering efforts in Oak Ridge including:  (1) Organization Models incorporating trends in organizational structure, philosophy, and management techniques; (2) Employee Change and Transition Models based on core competencies, project life cycles, subcontractor teaming, and competitive cultural issues;  (3) Privatization Models incorporating not only transition of employees and organization issues but also specific examples and proposals for privatization; and (4) Procurement Models related to existing contracts and packaging of tasks and functions.

  • Developed shipping and receiving database and inventoried B-25 Boxes.  Required working as liaison with all Y-12 divisions generating waste and a variety of Waste Management groups.  Updated and streamlined processes, information, and a database; while running search and inspection tasks for finding inventory for Lockheed Martin Energy Systems (LMES), Waste Management and Defense Programs, DOE Oak Ridge Operations, Y-12 Site, Tennessee.


Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), Oak Ridge, TN.  January 1986 to 1998:  Program Manager, BA, and Industrial/Management Systems Scientist.  Provided a wide range of services directly to SAIC’s Systems Engineering and Integration Division, Integrated Engineering Solutions Business Unit including support in the development and implementation of strategic business and Quality Management plans, layout of service centers, support on a large number of marketing efforts and proposals, and seminars on management issues.  SAIC projects listed below:


  • As Business Process Reengineering Consultant and Systems Engineer supported the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), Waste Management, and Reengineering Implementation Project.  Prepared the implementation plan and performed systems engineering (lean) process improvement analysis on all waste streams (including Solid Low-Level Waste, Liquid Low-Level Waste, Transuranic and Alpha-Contaminated Waste, Hazardous, PCB, and Low-Level Mixed Waste). 

  • As Program Manager and Principal Investigator supported (in a leadership role) The Department of Energy (DOE), Oak Ridge Operations (ORO) and Lockheed Martin/Martin Marietta Energy Systems (Energy Systems) waste management and environmental restoration programs.   This was an on-going project and was covered by several contract vehicles.  The support included:  (1) DOE Budget Program Activities, (2) Environmental Restoration and Waste Management Site-Specific Plans (SSP) (for 5 large sites), (3) DOE Five-Year Plan, (4) Summaries of Waste Management and Corrective Activities Program Monthly Status Reports, (5) Monthly Activity Summary, (6) Activity Data Sheets (ADS), (7) Baseline Change Control -- Plans, Control Boards Charter, and Procedures,  (8) Monthly National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Summary Reports, (9) NEPA Environmental Assessments, (10) many meeting facilitations, (11) many public participation information and meetings, (12) Program Summary Documents and Progress Charts, (13) Program Roadmapping and issues resolution, (14) Progress Tracking Systems, (15) Quality Management/Assurance Appraisal Audits based on DOE 5700.6C and TQM principles, (16) supported the DOE and Contractors’ EM Program Project Management Improvement Standdown Process, (17) Supported the review and development of Program Management Plans, (18) Review of the Energy Systems Waste Management Organization Program Management Plan, (19) Baseline Environmental Management Report (BEMR), (20) Cost Quality Management Assessments (CQMA), (21) Maintained Integration Schedules, (22) Performed Pollution Prevention/Waste Minimization Studies, and other support as needed, DOE Oak Ridge (Y-12, K-25, ORNL), Tennessee; Paducah, Kentucky; and Portsmouth, Ohio.

  • As Industrial and Information Systems Consultant inventoried B-25 Boxes.  Required working as liaison with all Y-12 divisions generating waste and a variety of Waste Management groups.  Updated and streamlined processes, information, and a database; while running search and inspection tasks for finding classified inventory for LMES, Waste Management and Defense Programs at DOE Oak Ridge Operations Y-12 Site, Tennessee.

  • As Information Systems Consultant tested designs and documented processes, graphical interfaces and information flows for the development of the National Women’s Health Information Center’s World Wide Web Site, Washington, DC.

  • As SAIC Liaison and Information Systems Consultant supporting Contingency Aircraft Parking Programming in remote locations for United States Air Force, Civil Engineering, Air Mobility Command, Scott Air Force Base, Illinois (near St. Louis, Missouri). 

  • As Software Configuration Manager supported the major software development project for Sears Services Group using PVCS Software Configuration Management Package on a Novell network, Chicago, Illinois.  Also provided PVCS support to internal SAIC work.

  • As Management and Operational Systems Consultant provided Conduct of Operations (CONOPS) support to the Waste Transportation and Landfill Operation (WTLO) which included: (1) review of all operations related to eighteen CONOPS chapters; (2) developed new (lean) operational systems and procedures for several of the operations; (3) performance measurement support; (4) provided review and auditing support of all operations; (5) developed Conduct of Rounds Procedures and Roundsheets for all of the facilities within WTLO; (6) supported transportation-related systems activities, such as tankers crossings of RAD areas; (7) updated and developed log keeping guidelines; (8) directed training films and provided training support for Lockheed Martin Energy Systems, Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

  • As an Industrial/Systems Engineer for SAIC Energy and Health Information Division, supported the DOE Order 4330.4B. "Maintenance Management Program," compliance master plan scheduling projects for Instrumentation and Control, Technology Services divisions of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), Energy Systems, Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

  • As Industrial/Systems Engineer and Information Systems Consultant   Used the Martin Marietta Methodology and Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant (PGDP) Work Plans for Generating Waste Volume Estimates to develop software that quickly calculated waste volumes related to environmental restoration of all related solid waste management units (SWMUs). Supported the waste volume-estimating project for PGDP Waste Area Groups (WAGs), Paducah, Kentucky.

  • As Industrial and Management Systems Consultant Reviewed and Developed the Quality Assurance Plan, Records Management Plan, and Configuration Management Plan, related systems and Procedures.  Supported the Bear Creek Burial Ground "Walk-In Pits" Closure Project at the Y-12 Site, Energy Systems, Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

  •  In 1992, as Site Engineer/Industrial/Systems Engineer and Project Manager supported several site development planning and improvement projects as Site Engineer for (Y-12, K-25, ORNL) and as a member of the SAIC Logistics, Transportation, Engineering, and Economic Analysis Division, as follows:  (1) Y-12 Reconfiguration Site Development Plan (SDP);  (2) Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) Technical Site Information Document (TSI) master and five-year plans;  (3) K-25 SDP providing technical assistance on the functional analysis section; and (4) Y-12 SDP providing technical assistance on the functional analysis and population sections, Energy Systems, Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

  • As Industrial Engineer and Task Leader provided (lean) architectural programming for Tennessee Valley Authority’s Corporate Facilities Management Group.  Provided plans for the reorganization of East Tennessee offices, systems and facilities. Reviewed several different groups containing a variety of shops and operations.  Made estimates on space and material flow requirements based on a Just-in-Time system of operations, Knoxville, Tennessee.

  • As Industrial Engineer and Member of the Pre-Tiger Team representing packaging and transportation issues related to the health and safety-auditing project.  Also supported the industrial safety and industrial hygiene members in tagging deficiencies at K-25 Energy Systems, Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

  •  As Industrial Engineer and Training Consultant as certified Performance Based Trainer, supported the Performance Based Training (PBT) Program for the Facility Safety Department, Metal Fabrication, Procurement Engineering, and Nuclear Material Compliance and Administrative (NMC&A) groups at Y-12 Energy Systems, Oak Ridge, Tennessee.  Reviewed, learned and studied all the processes and operations to develop and support PBT programs and workshops. 

  • As Industrial Engineer and Principal Investigator supported the site selection for the Y-12 Sanitary and Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant (SIWTP). Developed systems and tools for selection.  Also supported the recycle alternatives study (green) for the SIWTP, Energy Systems, Oak Ridge, TN.

  •  As Project Manager, Industrial Engineer, Facilities Engineer, and Principal Investigator in the Planning and Systems Support Division:  (1) provided systems design and documentation support on the "Scoping Study for Lean Enriched Uranium Factory Modernization;"  (2) provided technical support in the review, value engineering (VE), design, and plant layout of the modernization plan for the future Y-12 Enriched Uranium Focused Factory (EUFF); (3) supported development of the functional flow diagramming of the classified processes involved in the operations of the factory and the analysis for cost engineering; (4) supported the site selection and preliminary designs of the Hydrogen Fluoride (HF) storage facility for Y-12; (5) supported the tracking and assimilation of the 1990 Y-12 SDP providing a review of the utilities aspects, waste management data/practices, and all applicable drawings; (6) supported a landscaping review of possible improvements to the New Hope Pond Closure; and (7) provided systems thinking support for the functional adequacy data base for the Capital Resource and Facility Management Division at Energy Systems, Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

  • As Industrial Engineer supported the analysis and documentation leading to the (lean) material flow analysis for PGDP Shipping and Receiving.  Provided (lean) functional flow analysis and estimated statistically the optimum work and time involved for a related task for the purpose of improving the operations, layout, and overall systems for the Shipping and Receiving Department at Energy Systems, Paducah, Kentucky.

  • As the Management Systems Consultant provided configuration management assistance in support of the Los Alamos National Laboratory Plutonium Facility (PF-4) at Los Alamos National Laboratory, Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Wrote an example of a configuration management plan and provided general comments for use in improvement of systems and processes. 

  • As Information Systems/Management Consultant provided assistance in support of the information management issues related to the transportation function of the Federal Waste Management System for the DOE-Chicago Operations Office, Argonne, Illinois.

  • As Information Systems Consultant provided technical support in a review of all incoming and outgoing classified containers for the development of (lean) systems involved with the transportation data base information for both the 1989 and 1990 documents at Y-12 for Energy Systems, Oak Ridge, Tennessee. 

  • As Safety/Industrial Engineer provided technical support on the Final Safety Analysis Report (FSAR) for the Precipitator System used to precipitate and collect uranium compounds from uranium solutions at Y-12, Energy Systems, Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

  • As the SAIC Information Systems Division Program Manager, Principal Investigator and Information/Management Systems Consultant of SAIC’s Fernald Operations, senior member of the management team, developed the Program Management Office (PMO) and supported the development of projects for the DOE Feed Materials Production Center (FMPC) operated by Westinghouse Materials Company of Ohio (WMCO), in the Cincinnati, Ohio area.  Work included: (1) the development and/or enhancement of all Configuration Management (CM) systems; such as, the Configuration Management Function (CMF) Office (CMO), the Engineering Change Proposal (ECP) and Construction Change Proposal (CCP) procedures, the Physical Verification Teams, the Engineering Checking and Release function, and other related procedures and/or charters;  (2) development and/or enhancement of the Engineering Drawing Numbering System, the Drawing Archive, and CM Systems Data Base and other CM support systems; (3) supported FMPC projects such as the Work Maintenance Control System, Safety Topical Manuals, Operational Safety Requirements (OSRs), and the (lean) Production Operations Manufacturing Process Flow Analysis (MPFA).  The MPFA was the collection and analysis of statistical information for the development of a knowledge-based expert system.  Work included the development of the data base management system, the data bases, and support software such as Simfactory (simulation package) to provide a forum for the logic used to answer basic management questions about lean manufacturing processes; and (4) supported several studies and documents (e.g.; Pilot Plant Facility and Process Description Document, Safety Documentation Process Reports, Software Program Descriptions Requirements Documents, Evaluation Reports, and other non-related Business Analyses and Business Intelligence systems planning was also common). 

  •  As Management Systems Consultant provided support to the Rocky Flats CM Project for Rockwell International, Denver, Colorado.

  • 1986 - For the ADP Strategic Planning Division, served as an Industrial/Systems Engineering and Operations Management Consultant.  As one of the investigators for the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, CA procedures writing contract,  researched and performed the first flow and network diagrams documenting the overall (lean) operational and start-up of the systems required in the overall operational sequences and equipment implementation for the Atomic Vapor Laser Isotope Separation (AVLIS) program, located in Livermore, California.

  • As one of the Principal Investigators and Information Systems Consultant, supported development of a program to train U.S. Navy engineers (from both coasts) in the use of INGRES data base management system software for Energy Systems, and provided training to the engineers on how to use INGRES as a tool to retrieve information for the Systems and Equipment Maintenance Monitoring for Surface Ships (SEMMSS) Program.  Served as the principal author on the project-training manual.

  • As Information Systems Consultant provided technical assistance for the CAD/CAM Division on the requirements analysis for duPont's TNX facility at the Savannah River Laboratory (SRL), South Carolina, to develop an implementation and training plan for a CAD/CAM system.  Work included information collection, information and (lean) work flow analysis, technical editing, and documentation processes.

  • As Information Systems Consultant provided technical assistance for the Engineering Design Information System (EDIS) Project in the areas of information and work flow, technical editing, and documentation in the CIM support effort for Martin Marietta Energy Systems in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

  • Served as Industrial/Systems Engineer for SRL environmental impact research on hazardous waste cleanup of 32 sites for duPont.  Provided technical assistance in areas of Probabilistic Risk Assessment, statistical data collection, construction man‑hour estimation, the formalization of accident probabilities, accident criteria classifications, and overall analysis methodology for the accident databases.  Participated in similar assistance to the SRL for research in transportation of hazardous waste.

U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI), Oak Ridge, Tennessee.  January 1984 to January 1986.   Mechanical/General Engineer Reviewed technical and scientific reports and edited databases As a subject matter expert in the areas of reactor technology, general engineering, electric power engineering, industrial energy conservation, and explosives for the Nuclear Engineering and Physics Branch of OSTI.


 Tennessee Innovations, Crossville, Tennessee.  April 1981 to April 1986.  President and Program Manager.  Organized, staffed, and marketed a small sole-proprietorship company to pay for and provide projects for education.  Staff fluctuated between two and ten temporary employees.  Provided engineering consulting services covering a wide range of activities, such as, OSHA‑based studies in the areas of employee right‑to‑know laws (David Witherspoon, Inc.); noise studies (Carrier Corp., Allied Products, Inc., and The University of Tennessee); a lighting study (Heil, Inc.); safety-based studies, such as public safety (Clubcar Golfcarts) and emergency plans (Underwater Salvage, Holiday Inn); productivity improvement studies, such as plant automation review (Dennisen and Carter, Inc.) and plant layout (Dennisen and Carter, Inc., St. Mary's Medical Center); a work measurement/time study (St. Mary's Medical Center); and a productivity information study (MTM Association). Experienced in areas of inventive design/value engineering for export and import (American Accessories, Inc., Camel Tent Company).  Worked in several areas of communications including presentation systems (Engineered Products, Inc.), general orientation/education systems (Holiday Inn), and commercial art (for over 50 different companies). Performed project engineering/management and designed systems for solar energy utilization (Holiday Inn) and erosion control (Holiday Inn).



Holiday Inn, Watauga Inns, Inc.  (Family's Business), 1972 to August 1985. Grew-up in and served more than 7 years in the Hotel/Motel industry and had a variety of duties/responsibilities.  Last few years served mainly as customer and public relations trouble-shooter/problem solver.




        Education Related


The University of Tennessee, Space Institute  (UTSI) in Tullahoma:

   PhD Candidate, Engineering Management/Industrial Engineering: Business Intelligence and IT/IS Management Minor, Estimated Completion in 2009. 


The University of Alabama, Huntsville:

   PhD Level Graduate Work, Engineering Management/Industrial and Systems Engineering: Systems Minor, Proposed Dissertation: Validation of Organizational Elements Important to the Implementation of Management Systems, Will Re-establish Program after UTSI.


The University of Tennessee, Knoxville:

   M.S., Engineering Management/Industrial Engineering: Human Factors and Information Systems Minor, Capstone Project:  Project Management Tools in Real-estate Development. 1985. 

   B.S., Industrial Engineering: Manufacturing Focus, 1983.


Tennessee Technological University, Cookeville:

   General Engineering, Lettered in Track (Javelin), Power lifter, 1978-79.


Cumberland County Technical Vocational School, Mechanical and Architectural Drafting.  1978


Received Corporate Training from PMI, EDS, SAIC, U.S. DOE, TQA, AMA, UT, and Lockheed Martin in Project Management Certification, Data Mining, SAS, RCRA, CERCLA, SARA, NEPA, Performance Based Training, Analysis, Design and Development, Value Engineering, Environmental Project Management, Business/Technical Project Management, PMP PMBOK, Proposal Management, Contracts Management, Marketing Management, Quality Management (TQM, QA, SQC, CQA, Six Sigma, TQA Examiner, ISO) Organizational Conflict of Interest, Train the Trainer, Facilitation, Negotiations, Customer Service, People Management Skills, Nuclear and Industrial Safety, Program Management Mentoring Program, and other communications and management training.








  • 1996 SAIC Corporate Award for Development of Inter-divisional Teamwork,

  • Member of 1995 Tennessee Quality Award Board of Examiners,

  • 1990 Engineer of the Year, East Tennessee Chapter (11) of the Institute of Industrial Engineers,

  • Department of Energy “Q” Security Clearance (inactive),

  • Elected Commander of the Air Commandos Tactical Training Flight for the U.S. Air Force UT ROTC,

  • First Sergeant of Air Commandos Tactical Training Flight of the U.S. Air Force UT ROTC,

  • Won the Air Commandos Blue Beret,

  • Air Commando of the Year for Volunteer Tactical Training Flight of the U.S. Air Force UT ROTC,

  • Member of the Order of Scabbard and Blade. 



  • Ultimate Earth, Inc Board of Directors.

  • Veterans Restoration Ministry (Member of the Technical Advisory Board)

  • Life of Victory International Ministries - Faith-Based Technical Assistance Center (Chair and Member of Board of Advisors)

  • Ag-Knowledge Board of Advisors

  • PMI, IIBA, IIE Local Chapters


Professional Activities:


Project Management Institute (PMI), 2006-8


·       Director of the Special Interest Groups (SIG)

o   Project/Program Management Office/Organization (PMO) Local Interest Group, 2008 (LIG)

o   Health Care LIG


§  Use, Development, and Implementation Section

§  Business Intelligence Section

o   Manufacturing LIG (Starting)

·       Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification, 2007

·       Co-Chair of (PMO) Leaning Interest Group (LIG), 2007


International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA), 2007


·       Vice President of Education, 2008.




·       Brentwood Earlier Risers Toastmasters, 2006 –

o   Competent Communicator (CC) Certification

·       Energy Capital Toastmasters, 1983


Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE):


·        1989-95 WATTec Technical Program Representative,

·       1992-93 Director and Past President,

·       1991-92 President,

·       1990-91 Executive Vice President/President-Elect,

·       1989-90 Vice President for Programs,

·       1989-90 assistant to the Newsletter editor,

·       Engineer of the Year, for the East Tennessee, Chapter 11. 1990

·       Nominated as outstanding Young Industrial Engineer of the Year at the National level (1992),


WATTec Sponsors Committee:


·       1992-93 Chairman of the Nominations Committee,

·       1991-92 Member of the President's Session Committee,

·       1990-91 Chairman of Scholarships Committee;

·       Organized the sessions:


1.     Two back-to-back sessions on "Managing Work Force 2000 '94, -- Part 1, Forecasting Work Force 2000, and Part 2, Managing Work Force 2000,"

2.     Ethics in Industry '93,

3.     Intrapreneurship-Internal Creativity and Innovations' 93,

4.     Pollution Prevention/Waste Minimization '93,

5.     Roadmapping an Innovative Project Management Tool '92,

6.     Managing Organizational Change '92,

7.     Performance Based Training for the Future '91,

8.     Using Total Quality Management (TQM) to Meet the Challenges of the 90s '91,

9.     Managing the Productivity Dimension I '90,

10.  Managing the Productivity Dimension II '90, and

11.  Managing Change with Configurations Management '90.


The Educational Society for Resource Management (APICS)


American Society of Engineering Management


Society of American Value Engineering (SAVE)


Engineers For Education


Association of MBA Executives,


American Society of Safety Engineers,


Robotics International,


Society of Manufacturing Engineers


 Environmental Sciences Judge for the 43rd International Science and Engineering Fair held in Nashville on May 13, 1992.






  • Artist in Oils and Acrylic's_art.htm

  • Owned a farm and raised cattle, goats, German Shepherds and other animals.  Also mined and transported fieldstone for landscaping and building.

  • In college started an underwater salvage company to pay for SCUBA equipment.

  • In college was a freelance commercial artist.  Worked for more than 50 companies painting logos and office paintings to help pay for education.

  • In high schooled owned a small tractor services.  “Bush-hogged” fields and scraped snow.

  • Church Related Activities:

  • Brentwood Baptist Church

  • Christ Church in Nashville Usher

  • Christ Church in Nashville Alter Care

  • Christ Church in Nashville Security

  • Christ Church in Nashville Couples Facilitator

  • Christ Church In Nashville Bus Driver

  • Wartburg Baptist Church RA Director 

  • Wartburg Sunday School Teacher

  • Wartburg Visitation Parents Baptist Girls Home

  • 1st Baptist Church in Knoxville Sunday School Teacher (Children)





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