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Geronimo Stone, His Music, His Love, and The Seven Attributes of Excellence, By Craig Stevens and Michael Moore (the nice one) -- In this first story, the lead characters of Geronimo Stone discover the seven attributes of the Mobile of Excellent Management.   As the family struggles with compounding challenges from not only the restructure of the company but also the adversity of a hostile takeover attempt and subversive senior employees. What makes The Mobile of Excellent Management™ unique is that it layers seven time-tested attributes of great management into a specific sequence that, when applied, will optimize the productivity, problem-solving, and growth capabilities of any organization.



“I found Geronimo Stone very engaging and easy to read.  The authors did a great job of weaving the novel around the business principles.  I felt like the conclusion came quite fast and furious once it started to unfold.”  


Dan Miller, Author of 48 Days to the Work You Love (



"Geronimo Stone is certainly an innovative way of presenting a business management model for consideration. Craig Stevens has written a suspenseful fiction novel, incorporating his educational, professional and Christian background. The book is well-written and well-edited."


Kaye Trout - July 24, 2006



"'Geronimo Stone' is a unique blend of fictional mystery written as a life drama. Craig Stevens uses real business models entwined to hold the business executive as well as the non-business reader captivated. Through each chapter my interest was peaked and I could not wait to find out what happens next. This book will make a great addition to anyone's business or personal library."

Janie Moyers, Human Resources Specialist, Business & Life Coach, NASA, Marshall Space Flight Center, AL  , 


“Craig Stevens has incorporated an entertaining read with intrigue and some great principles.  These principles are good to live by and to operate a business with.  ‘Geronimo’ will hold your attention while you learn.”


  Jerry Meadows, President of Crown Enterprises, Inc.



“I found the book ‘Geronimo Stone’ to be Business Informative, placed in an enjoyable read.”


Leslie Caraway, President of Panhandle Exploration, Inc




"A unique and creative look at contemporary management principles surrounded by a tale of mystery and suspense."  


Erin Anderson, Associate Director, Management and Human Relations, Trevecca Nazarene University, Nashville, Tennessee



"I’ve been in the corporate business world more years than I want to admit. I quit reading “Business Management” books years ago. They were either too warm and fuzzy for my tastes or were retreads of the same tools and techniques under a new buzz word. After the first chapter of fancy color charts and the same old models in new clothes I was bored.


Geronimo Stone is different. I won’t give any secrets away, but if you are a leader, think you are a leader, or want to be a leader, you must read this creative delivery of management strategy. If you are an excellent leader, it will reinforce your efforts. If you want to be an excellent leader, you will find the “mobile” to benchmark where you are against where you need to be. Read the book and prove me wrong.


I really enjoyed reading this book. Very creative approach."


H. Nowell McKee, Enterprise Account Manager, New Horizons Learning Center.  Mr. McKee was part of the original team at Tennessee Eastman Kodak to facilitate TQM into the service business units, i.e. IT, Accounting, Finance, Purchasing, etc.



“I did enjoy your book. I found it to be "entertaining and informative" which is a nice combination after a long day at work. It was easy to read not dry and sleep inducing as I have found most management books. I think you have a winner here. I look forward to the second installment.”

Therese Anderson, President of Anderson Capital Mortgage, LLC



Geronimo Stone is a very entertaining as well as educational book. Craig Stevens has written an educational book that reads like a mystery. I found the book very well written. The strategies listed in Mr. Stevens Mobile are very common in the manufacturing world, but he has found a way to put them together in a very understandable and rememberable way. I would, and have, recommended this book to others.


Mike Toney, Engineering Manager, Batesville Casket Company, Manchester Facility



"Geronimo Stone is an inventive way of incorporating the realistic issues business owners face today with an innovative business management model. The book holds the reader’s attention by integrating a fictional novel-type story.  Kudos to Craig Stevens for a job well done."


Tonya Morgan,  Human Resource Manager Vanderbilt University Medical Center,



"Geronimo Stone pulled out the emotion as I felt the frustration with Tommy, the sadness, strength, and humor of Aunt Brenda, and the courage to face the destructive forces of greed from the competition. The heroism of Geronimo in the midst of war made me cry. Then, at the end of the drama, I realized I had learned some vital business techniques without feeling the pain. I believe this is the best way to learn...relating to others' losses and triumphs makes you feel a part of the whole. This great work of fiction introduced vital principles of everyday work ethics and productivity. A must read for anyone who is striving for integrity in the workplace!"


Theresa Heflin, Author of Love Letters from God



"A well-written, easy-to-read, and engaging piece.  I found it easy to identify with the characters and found the pages going by very quickly!"


Joel W. Smith, President, Comprehensive Media, Inc.;



"The Geronimo Stone Series outlines innovative business transition concepts.   The books, workshops, and models found here establish a stage for implementing and managing the leadership strategies that create partnership and a service attitude.  The focus is building and reinventing the global business enterprise.  The models are a fresh approach to transforming any organization’s visions and energies into a systemically successful approach to business." 


Patricia Leonard, consultant, trainer, author, speaker and performer (



"I was fortunate enough to read the story of Geronimo Stone and his Mobile of Excellent Management. I say this only to complement the mobile, which is simple in its design but seems to fit into any situation and give a stable model of an effective organization.  I will be able to compare back to that no matter what field I end up pursuing. The writing was not bad, either."


Jason S. Payton, AMSouth Bank(



"Being an avid music lover, the Geronimo Stone story line caught my attention and held it until the end.  I was impressed with the writers' style.  They bound together the "mobile of excellent management" and challenged the company's employees to work as a team to find a way to bring about change.  The authors did this without losing the focus on the company's employees, values, or credibility.  The book is creative, mysterious, and fun to read. Can't wait to see what happens in the next book!"


Anita Lively, Assistant Director of Nursing, Roane Medical Center, 



"The tale of Geronimo Stone is very riveting. The progression of the story unravels the underlying business principles. The principles are applicable in everyday life as well. The story is well thought out, inspirational, and educates one in the process."


Sela Pearson, nurse, author, speaker, UoPhx MBA/HCM candidate - Nashville, TN


Geronimo Stone, Excellent Management Workshop, By Craig Stevens and Dave Ott. Together we will all learn from the story of Geronimo Stone, The Mobile of Excellent Management, and the best experiences and theories of management  This workshop is very hands on and entertaining.  It is perfect for helping any organization build and finetune management skills of current and future managers and supervisors.  CEU's can be arranged.

To learn more about the Mobile of Excellent Management go to

Geronimo Stone, and the Storms of Chaos, By Craig Stevens and supported by co-authors Dave Ott and Michael Moore (the nice one) -- In this second story, the lead characters of Geronimo Stone discover The Westbrook Stevens, Storms of Chaos Model. The story covers their struggles to thrive in the chaos related to out of control change, the technological and socioeconomic pressures of the 21st century, and the aftermath of 9/11.


Love Letters From God Series

Love Letters From God, To God's Mighty Warriors, Volume One, by Theresa Heflin - Soul Soothing Candy with a heart warming message.

Love Letters From God, To God's Mighty Warriors, Volume Two, by Theresa Heflin - More Soul Soothing Candy with a heart warming message.

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The Seven Attributes of Excellent Management “During Projects”



Here are some of the WRITERS who regularly attend (or have attended) the Barnes & Noble Cool Springs Writers Groups


Kathy Rhodes, Currie Alexander Powers, Neil O. Jones, Susie Dunham, Chance Chambers, Linda Therber, Colleen Speroff, Louise Colln, and Kristin Tubb--Muscadine Lines: A Southern Anthology


Kathy Rhodes, Pink Butterbeans:


Currie Alexander Powers, Soul of a Man:


Angela Britnell, Truth or Consequences:


Eric Wilson, The Best of Evil:


Wilmoth Foreman, Summer of the Skunks:


J. Stefan Jackson, The Golden Talisman:


T. F. Sisters, Deadly Brew: She Loved Him To Death:


Louise Colln, San Antonio Seduction:


Denise Hildreth, Savannah by the Sea:


Bill Peach, Random Thoughts Left and Right:,_Bill






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