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Phase 1

Excellent Management

Step 1 - Leadership


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Phase 2



Phase 2

Storms of Chaos


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Forecasting Trends


Step 2 - Lightning

Managing Risks

Step 3 - Buoyancy

Building Relationships

Step 4 - The Storm

Winning Competition


Step 5 - The Ship

Leading Your Ship


Phase 3



Phase 3

Drivers of Change


Step 1 - External Environment

Step 2 - Building People

Human Resources

Step 3 - Organizational Structure

Step 4 - Internal Environment

Step 5 - Systems Thinking


Employee Retention

Future Organization

Phase 4



Phase 4

Systems Loops


Open System


Phase 5



Phase 3

3 Phases of Change


Step 1 - Before the Change

Step 2 - During the Change

Step 3 - After the Change




Greetings and Welcome to the

Westbrook Stevens, LLC Home Page


"If opportunity does not knock, build a door."  Milton Berle.


This is a free teaching and problem solving website for business people and graduate students. The entire site is a service to our clients and students and is always under construction.


Our job is to introduce you and your people to some of the tools that you can use to master change and build your doors to the future. Our goal is to help you use these tools to get results.  To assist you, we provide support services, one-on-one consulting, team facilitation, classroom education, POD casts, conferences, seminars, workshops, web-seminars, keynote speaking resources, brown bag lunches, and this website as back-up.


Craig A. Stevens, PMP, CC


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The Five Phases of Implementing Change

with the Linked Management Models


Phase 5:  Optimizing the

Change Process and Minimizing

the Cocoon Stage with the Three Phases of Change Model

Phase 1:  Building Capacity  with Excellent Management

Phase 2: Thieving in

The Storms of Chaos and Perfecting Strategic Planning


Phase 4: Using Systems Thinking to Find the Critical Changes

Phase 3: Using the Drivers of Change to Prepare for the Effects of Change


Hey Craig

…It was truly a pleasure meeting you. You are a great speaker with so much enthusiasm! I noted some of your slides on change today in the PgMP Prep class!

Dr. Ginger Levin, CAPM, PMP, PgMP Certified OPM3 Assessor and Consultant



Professor Stevens,


I thoroughly enjoyed your Principles of Management Supervision class you lead for Trevecca. Not only were your teaching methods very cohesive with adult learners, the topics were timely and applicable to our professional lives immediately. We walked away with tools we can use, not just knowledge. I can't express how much I appreciated the time and energy you took to video our classes and make them available as POD casts on your website. Having those resources is helpful, and it is reassuring to know that the class information (and so much more) is available to me just a click away! You are a great teacher, and really show how much you believe in learning from one another through all the extensive information available to past, current, and future students, colleagues, and clients on your website. I am glad to have met you, and hope to continue to stay in touch throughout the years.


Many thanks,


Beth Vines,  TNU  2008


The WBS Gift


Geronimo Stone, Download a free eBook for your entire staff from - This book introduces the story of Geronimo Stone and the Mobile of Excellent Management.  The employees of Geronimo Stone Records face challenges while trying to save their business.  It uses fiction to introduce the reader to a variety of business situations.  Geronimo Stone is a suspense thriller that takes place in an independent record label in Nashville, Tennessee.  The once-prosperous company is in a state of chaos when its patriarch, Robert “Geronimo” Stone becomes ill and apparently dies from what appears to be natural causes (hint).  His family is then faced with so many challenges, so quickly; that it does not occur to them that there may have been something peculiar about Robert’s demise.  His widow, Brenda, convinces their nephew, Tommy Stone, to take a leave of absence from the consulting firm where he works as a management consultant to become interim CEO of Geronimo Stone Records.  Together they try to restore order to the mess aided by personalize messages and information left by the late Geronimo Stone.

Discounts – $2,000 per company, per workshop, per day, for all training booked by January 31st.  Send as many people as you can fit into your training rooms for a total of only $2,000 per day plus expenses.  All training can be custom designed to fit your processes and systems.  Other expenses may include materials, space, and food (if applicable).

Download the Geronimo Stone eBook Here

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"Geronimo Stone is an inventive way of incorporating the realistic issues business owners face today with an innovative business management model. The book holds the reader’s attention by integrating a fictional novel-type story. Kudos to Craig Stevens for a job well done."


Tonya Morgan, Human Resource Manager, Vanderbilt University Medical Center

“I found Geronimo Stone very engaging and easy to read. The authors did a great job of weaving the novel around the business principles. I felt like the conclusion came quite fast and furious once it started to unfold.”


Dan Miller, Author of 48 Days to the Work You Love (





Thank you again for a great experience. I will be sure to keep all my notes from class and the team assignments. You really made all the information understandable.


 Jawon Lauderdale (UoPhx, MBA Stats 2007)